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    A new pack of items has been released for Dragon Age: Inquisition, titled Spoils of the Qunari. The description of the DLC can be read on their official site as follows:

    "Finally, a content pack that satisfies the demands of the Qun has arrived for Dragon Age: Inquisition! With the Spoils of the Qunari item pack, you can now proudly represent your dedication to discipline and bring a touch of Par Vollen style to your Inquisition. Personalize your game experience with new loot, crafting schematics, a massive warrior throne for Skyhold, and an armored war mount!

    The Spoils of the Qunari item pack is available to download now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $4.99. Learn more about it here."

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  • Liaison Shaw

    "The wait is nearly over..."

    Those who have pre-ordered their games in North America have the chance to play it this Monday night. Tomorrow it will be officially released to everyone in North America the first time, and a few days later in the rest of the world. Accordingly to that, BioWare released their launch trailer, A Wonderful World.

    Update: There's a promotional game on the official website, with which you can earn promotional items in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The goal is to unveil Vivienne, Iron Bull, Varric and in the end, the Inquisitor. You have to spot three veil mists in their respective videos, which will give you some additional information of the game, such as tidbits of the Orlesian tradition of masks, the Venatori, Bianca, and…

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  • Liaison Shaw

    Another official trailer has been released about a companion, this time we can see Iron Bull in full cinematics.

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  • Liaison Shaw

    Dragon Age: The Last Court is a text-driven browser game that intends to fill the gap between Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and is developed by Failbetter Games.

    "In Dragon Age: The Last Court, you are the ruler of Serault: an eccentric fiefdom at the farthest ends of Orlais. As the Huntress or the Scholar you’ll guide your realm through the most crucial period in its history. Will its ancient Shame be forgiven? Or will Serault fall into obscurity?"
    You can read about the game more on Failbetter Games' website.

    The game will be available as part of the Keep. Some fans already have early access to the game, allowing them to take video footage of it. One of the videos can be seen here:

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  • Liaison Shaw

    Albeit posted here a few days late, but BioWare made an interview with Miranda Raison, the voice actor of Cassandra. She's talking about "what it takes to step into the shoes of the Right Hand of the Divine" and "how Cassandra has changed since we last met her and what we can look forward to with her in Dragon Age: Inquisition."

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