• Legiyah

    The Orlesian Murder Mystery

    September 29, 2011 by Legiyah

    I was heading in the right direction; I just happened to be running a few minutes late. Time happens to be important when you’re trying to beat a man to his bedchambers. I blame the Orlesians for my predicament; they built their palace like a labyrinth. To what end? Did it provide the Empress some sick amusement to watch her terribly sloshed guests try to find their rooms? Every wall was white marble, every pillar was ringed with gilt, and every portrait was of a poncy man done up in lace and pastel. I had been told to seek the Comte de Sauvagéau. I’d been told that he would be wearing a silver mask done with twinings of ivy around the edges. Very Dalish. Very popular, I’d discovered as I’d gone into the ball room to find at least twenty m…

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