Following the previous interview in regards to Skyhold, BioWare have gone on to release new information which can be found here. In part 2 of this interview series, Cameron Lee goes on to discuss the war table, and the role of your advisors.

Upon being asked what types of tasks can be carried out on the war table he claims: "There are over 300 missions and operations available on the war table, and they can change depending on your previous choices and actions in the game. There's a range of types: scouting missions to establish the first camp in a new area you'd like to explore, building missions to raise structures in the areas you've being exploring, recruitment missions to bring expertise into the inquisition, treaties, resource-gathering, political assassinations, and many, many more."

As well as this, you earn influence and power as you explore throughout the game and overcome enemies as well as bringing stability to regions and closing rifts between the world and the Fade.

It is looking as though more information will be released in regards to Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition in the coming weeks.