"DRAGONS! Venture deep enough into the far reaches of Thedas, and you're bound to cross paths with Dragon Age: Inquisition's apex predators. They're big, they're bad—Maker's breath, they're even in the title of our game—and now they're coming to Skyhold! We've added a new dragon-themed prop set for you to use at Skyhold, but it's only available to the worthiest warriors.

How can you get this cool new set of items for your Inquisition? Play the Fereldan Castle map in multiplayer mode and defeat one of its three dragons. Easier said than done! Whether you team up with a group of agents or perform this challenging feat by yourself, the choice is yours. Take down a dragon by any means necessary, and you'll be awarded this prop set for your single-player campaign.

The Dragon Props set includes dragon eggs, dragon skulls, a wyvern statue, and more to make Skyhold a little more impressive to your allies and intimidating to your enemies. To use these items, simply select them from the Skyhold customization menu after they're unlocked. Remember, you must first slay a dragon in multiplayer mode to unlock the set. Then close the game, and the next time you connect to the Dragon Age servers, the props will be available!

Note: Access to the Dragon Props set requires installing the latest game update, so be sure to do that first before challenging the dragons in multiplayer mode.

Good luck!"

Full link can be found here.


An example of a Dragon Prop.