A new Q&A took place in which the Dragon Age writers were asked about their opinions on villains and the writing process behind creating a villain. The interview can be found here.

David Gaider noted how his favourite villain was Loghain. As well as claiming: "I could imagine myself stepping into his shoes and taking some of the same actions he did… which is a little frightening." As well as this, Sylvia Feketekuty claimed hers was Meredith.

The interview gives a greater insight on creating villains, with Gaider asserting that "The story is largely from the hero's perspective, so you have to account for the villain's presence from that hero's viewpoint. The player is only aware of who the villain is and what they're doing insomuch as their character is aware of it, and you have to write the villain with the core idea of motivating the player to care about stopping them."

With a short while left for Dragon Age: Inquisition, it is inevitable that a new batch of villains are introduced. So far who is truly your favourite villain?