BioWare revealed a few things in relation to Dragon Age: Inquisition at PAX today, with the main feature being new DLC arriving on September 8th for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC with EA Access members benefitting from a 10% discount.

In addition to this, BioWare revealed they will be implementing a system, cutely named the Golden Nug, which happens to be similar to New Game Plus in some ways but different in others. It allows equipment and other items-- for example-- to be synchronised for future playthroughs; things like your 'potion recipes, tapestries, schematics' will be ready to be utilised in new playthroughs. This is beneficial for those who acquire schematics for example, through DLC, but want to exploit those items for their new Inquisitors. Although, do note, this feature will only be available after the main story is completed. Also, we will finally get a wardrobe for our Inquisitor allowing new casual costumes to be worn at Skyhold, which is undoubtedly long overdue!

The big news, however, came with the unveiling of the new and final DLC: Dragon Age: Inquisition-Trespasser. Not only does it occur 2 years after the initial story, but additional post-game content (an epilogue of the sorts as described by Mike Laidlaw) will reveal what your companions have been up to over the past two years and the appearance of certain companions will be dependent on choices made throughout the game. Importantly, the DLC is only playable once the main storyline has been completed. Moreover, the Eluvians will be featured heavily, allowing us to traverse locations that have not been visited for 'thousands' of years. We will gain greater insight to not only the Qunari but also the Elves too. The main antagonists will be the Qunari whilst Solas will also be making an appearance.

The main source of the news came from a Gameinformer interview with creative director: Laidlaw; it goes into more depth about what the DLC will entail and is worth a read. This can be found here.

DRAGON AGE™ INQUISITION Official Trailer – Trespasser (DLC)01:53

DRAGON AGE™ INQUISITION Official Trailer – Trespasser (DLC)