1:20 Bojutsu Hey. Are you getting this? 1:20 Aeathel Yeah 1:20 Bojutsu Cool. So, you got banned from the elder scrolls wiki? You naughty girl. 1:21 Aeathel I didn't do nothing :I gosh they just dont get me.. 1:21 Bojutsu The chatmod who banned you claimed you were spamming. Why? 1:21 Aeathel I didn't spam!!!! 1:22 Bojutsu Hey, calm down. I'm just asking what happened. Tell me. 1:22 Aeathel I got into a fight with them about beleives I believe in everything like the loch ness Monster but they dont So I had a fight and telling them the facts but they still didnt beleive 1:23 Bojutsu Lmfao. Wait, really? You believe in the Loch Ness monster? 1:23 Aeathel

I yes

1:23 Bojutsu That's an urban legend. 1:23 Aeathel

I It was just an example I beleive in mothman Wendigo Thunderbird and all of thoes but they dont

1:24 Bojutsu Wendigo, huh? I see. You're cherokee, right? 1:24 Aeathel yes 1:24 Bojutsu Your people believed in the Wendigos. Right? 1:25 Aeathel Yes My people beleive in the Wendigo the Thunderbird and the Skinwalker 1:25 Bojutsu Never talked to a Cherokee girl before. This should be interesting. 1:26 Aeathel I am also A Lycan 1:26 Bojutsu A Lycan? 1:27 Aeathel Yes 1:27 Bojutsu What's that? 1:27 Aeathel u know what a werewolf is right? 1:27 Bojutsu Sure. 1:28 Aeathel I am a different version of it I am a Lycan 1:28 Bojutsu Rofl. I can see why they banned you over there. You seem like a proper weirdo, Aeathel. 1:28 Aeathel

I I am telling the truth and I will tell you how I became one

1:28 Bojutsu Lmfao. You're either trolling or you're actually fucking crazy. I think you're trolling. You have a weird method of trolling.

Aeathel I was born into a Cherokee tribe and the Cherokee loves Wolves and always wanted to be one with them so they talked to the great spirit to ask them to give themm powers to be one with a wolf so one day the great spirit set up a certen date that where if they were born under that date which they call the sign of the wolf they will be granted the power to be born as a lycan but not untill their 15th birthday will they be able to get the powers of the wolf Great hearing Senses eye site and when they turn 16 they can be able to turn into a wolf so they can be with them and run with them along with having a pack and since then anybody that is born under that will be granted to be a lycan 1:34 Bojutsu Hahahaha You're actually serious about this? 1:34 Aeathel why would I be making it up??