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  • Kythaela


    September 9, 2015 by Kythaela

    1:20 Bojutsu Hey. Are you getting this? 1:20 Aeathel Yeah 1:20 Bojutsu Cool. So, you got banned from the elder scrolls wiki? You naughty girl. 1:21 Aeathel I didn't do nothing :I gosh they just dont get me.. 1:21 Bojutsu The chatmod who banned you claimed you were spamming. Why? 1:21 Aeathel I didn't spam!!!! 1:22 Bojutsu Hey, calm down. I'm just asking what happened. Tell me. 1:22 Aeathel I got into a fight with them about beleives I believe in everything like the loch ness Monster but they dont So I had a fight and telling them the facts but they still didnt beleive 1:23 Bojutsu Lmfao. Wait, really? You believe in the Loch Ness monster? 1:23 Aeathel

    I yes

    1:23 Bojutsu That's an urban legend. 1:23 Aeathel

    I It was just an example I beleive i…
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