I heard that in DragonAge II you can import the stories you had from Origins and Awakening since when Hawke's adventure start the whole "King Calin dies, Grey Warderns traitors to the kingdom" and all that jazz. Flemeth even has an "Appointment to keep" which would be saving the Grey Wardens from the tower. (Giant bird my ass Morrigan. Friggen DRAGON)

From what I heard, seen, and looked into if you do import say a story from Origins and/or Awakening...though for an awakening you have to actually import origins it'd get the choices you made in those two to be put within the story of DAII and apparentlly the skills or paramaters you had in those games.

So I was just thinking and wondering if anyone else has any info or detail on this little tibit...if there was already something about this than whoops my bad.

Also is Isabella the only Bisexual character in this installment of DragonAge? Anders wants a "Pretty girl" as he said in Awakening so I believe he is straight. That leaves Fenris maybe? Eh...Also..not to sure about this whole sig if it comes out weird whoops i'll try and fix it --KurosakiMafuyu (talk) 01:34, March 3, 2011 (UTC)