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    So Henio0 recently did this post on the hidden lore within the DAI DLC, and I wanted to reply to it with some crackpot ideas of my own, but since he hasn't played Trespasser yet, I'm making my own post.

    Obvious spoilers ahead for all three DLC and the main game.

    Also, check out this video recounting some of the more interesting bits of lore in the DLC.

    Henio0 speculates that seven extremely powerful spirits managed to convince the Tevinters to bond them to powerful dragons, akin to Hakkon, but these dragons were then somehow imprisoned under the Earth and are gradually corrupted by the Blight into the Archdemons.

    So, what seven spirits do we know in the Fade who are powerful and angry enough to be willing to incarnate in dragon forms? How about th…

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  • Koveras Alvane

    "Hello Inquisitor,

    In light of the recent demonic incursion, this council of grand clerics has convened to approve the activation of the Inquisition Project.

    You have been chosen to lead this initiative.

    To oversee our first... and last line of defense.

    Your efforts will have considerable influence on this world's future.

    We urge you to keep that in mind as you proceed.

    Good luck Inquisitor."

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