A new skill calculator / build planner is now available for use over at RPG-Gaming courtesy of a reddit user Koth12

The calculator features the ability to select any of the 3 main classes in game and features all 21 skill trees complete with descriptions of each of the available skills.

Planning your character is as simple as clicking on each of the relevant skills in a given tree. The interface has been designed to mimic the in game skill trees as closely as possible. Allocating skills will show the total number of skill points allocated so that you can match this to the desired number of skill points to be spent in game. The calculator will also show the 8 available active skills beneath the allocated skill point total in a similar position to the in game feature from which it was derived. If a mistake has been made, there are two reset options, one for clearing out the current skill tree only, and another for starting over from class selection.

Although all 3 specialization skill trees are available for allocation within each class, the calculator is smart enough to detect a skill point spent in a specialization tree and then prohibit the allocation of skill points to any other specialization for that class. i.e. For the warrior class, if a point is spent on any of the Reaver skills, the user can view the Champion and Templar skill trees for reference, but clicking any of the skills in these trees will not allocate skill points. The if the user wishes to choose a different specialization, they can do so be de-allocating the previous points prior to allocating points in the new specialization.

Once skills have been allocated, builds can be exported for use when posting on forums, sending e-mails or creating browser bookmarks. Builds can be named when exporting. When other users click on your build, they will be taken to the calculator with your build pre-loaded for reference. For example: The Reavanator

So give it a shot, build your ultimate character and then post on your favorite forum for others to marvel at your inquisitor building prowess!