Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. My mission was not complete. We were compromised, and Lord Boronal lives. Before you execute me, may I just explain? Everything went according to plan, right up until I entered the house. The door was locked. The window was locked. The cellar was locked. The only way through was the chimney. Thankfully, the Antivan Crows hired Santa Claus to give us a couple lessons in chimneys, and with my elven body being shorter than a human’s and thinner than a dwarf’s, I was prepared. Or so I thought. When I was around halfway down the chimney, I began hearing crackling. I decided it was probably nothing, and continued down. As it turned out, Lord Boronal forgot to douse his fire before he went to bed. All at once, I began feeling a searing heat. I tried to scramble back up the chimney, but I slipped and fell right into the fire. Fortunately, that smothered the fire enough to prevent permanent damage. I drank a poultice to be safe. Unfortunately, when I looked up, there was a guard staring right at me.

I gasped, but then he pulled his helmet off. It was our double agent, Incognito, from the Coterie that hired me. He reached down his hand to help me up. I allowed it, and asked for the way to Lord Boronal’s room. Everywhere I saw, guards had been knocked unconscious by Incognito. Eventually, we reached the room I assumed to be Lord Boronal’s. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Incognito suggested I go in alone while he keeps watch, to attract less attention. I nodded, preferring not to make any noise, and creaked the door open. My adrenaline infused heart boomed like a million storms cast by the Maker Himself. I knew from experience that no one would ever hear it; it was all in my head. The bedroom chamber was huge. It must have been at least twice as large as my house in the slums of Antiva, before I was recruited.

The bed wasn’t too hard to spot. It took up a large part of the room, and was easily big enough to hold at least 30 humans, or even around 20 qunari. I shimmied against the wall, lest the lord wake up, and made my way over to the bed. When I peered over, there was no one in the bed.

Where could he have gone? I glanced around the room, and spotted another door. It must have been the washroom. It was my best lead, so I crept into the washroom. The chamber pot was recently used, as was the wash basin. I saw a ladder leading up to the roof. I climbed up. When I appeared on the roof, Lord Boronal was there, watching the stars. An easy kill, I thought. I rushed up and pushed him off the roof. I heard him scream as he fell, and a splat as he hit the ground. I looked down to confirm the kill. He was still alive, if barely.

Lord Boronal performed several strange motions with his hands, and a blue glow settled over him. He then stood up like he was never hurt. I gasped in surprise. Lord Boronal was an apostate? Was this why the coterie was hunting him? To turn him in to the Circle in hope of a reward? I needed to catch up to him before he could sound the alarm, so I jumped off the roof after him. I aimed for a hay bale, but Lord Boronal fired a bolt of arcane energy at me. It hit me square in the chest, and I missed the bale completely. There was a sickening crunch as I hit the ground, and I knew instantly that my legs were broken, if not my entire back. Everything went black.

When I came to, Incognito was kneeling over me. He was tending my wounds, and I asked him about Lord Boronal. Unfortunately, the lord got away. I begged Incognito not to turn me in, as I would be killed by my superiors for sure. Incognito said he wished he could, but he didn’t want to be hunted either. I didn’t have the energy to kill him right there, so I had no choice but to accept my fate as he took me here. So, that’s the story. Lord Boronal is an apostate. My wounds are healed, so can you give me another chance? Please don’t kill me. --Kkjwsmith (talk) 01:47, September 28, 2011 (UTC)