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New Pieces of Concept Art (Updated)

With the steady reveal of more and more information on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Matt Rhodes (lead concept artist at BioWare) has begun to release new pieces of concept art, some for purely exploratory purposes, others are intended to capture major themes or watershed moments in the game.

Inquisition dragon taming concept

Dragon Tamer

Inquisition coronation concept

(the figure holding the flag is being made Inquisitor)

Inquisition desert concept

"The Inquisitor ignores all warnings and pursues his quarry into the deep desert."

Inquisition forest concept

“Seek the light, for the wicked take root in the darkest corners.”

Inquisition sunset concept

"Master of all she surveys."

Inquisition cave concept


Inquisition watchers concept


Inquisition war horse concept

War Horse

Inquisition war room concept

War Room

Inquisition leap concept


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