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Iron Bull VA Revealed & Romance Confirmed!

The Iron Bull's voice actor has been revealed as actor Freddie Prinze Jr. While Prinze Jr. is not primarily known for his voice work, he has worked with BioWare before, voicing Lt. James Vega in Mass Effect 3. This marks the second famous face which has been added to Dragon Age: Inquisition's cast, with Gwendoline Christie (AKA Brienne of Tarth) being confirmed as voicing an as yet unknown character earlier in the year.

In the video below, Prinze Jr. describes the Iron Bull as being the "opposite of any Qunari you've experienced in the franchise."

Under the Horns04:13

Under the Horns

Karin Weekes, wife of the Iron Bull's writer Patrick and herself a BioWare editor, later confirmed that the Iron Bull would feature as a love interest.

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