Well, I was incredibly bored so thought I'd make my first blog post (excluding news) here.

I thought that I'd blog about something I've been looking forward to for a few weeks now, and that is that I'll be getting a new laptop to replace my old brick PC this Friday. This gives me an excuse to fire up Origins again, but it'll be the first time I've played it on PC so I can't wait to try out the mods I've never experienced before (as well as just playing the vanilla game of course - it's been a while and I feel I've abstained long enough).

I've also been looking forward to playing the Witcher games, about which I've heard only good things so I bought the Enhanced Edition of the first game the other night along with Mass Effect, which I've never played before (despite playing 2 and 3) and can't wait to sink my teeth into.

Any suggestions for some Origins mods? I expect I'll be hopeless at sifting through them at first Tonguesmiley