It has been confirmed that no more story-related additions will be added to Dragon Age II. Mark Darrah, executive producer of Dragon Age II said that while support will continue to be given should any emergencies arise, the DA team is focusing on the future of the franchise. He said an expansion pack had indeed been planned for Dragon Age II, and that it would have been called "Exalted March", though other projects took priority.

Darrah seemed to hint at a return to the more traditional RPG style that BioWare is known for, saying that they are looking back at the "BioWare vault" of games, and re-examing them, while also looking at the capabilities that the modern industry allows.

Finally, Darrah commented that conclusion for Hawke's story will be presented, but not in a playable way. He later clarified that the more personal aspects of Hawke's story would not necessarily be addressed. According to Darrah, the Dragon Age team are interested in what the fans feel the franchise means to them, and that - while they cannot announce anything yet - they are incredibly excited to show where they are taking the series.