Gametrailers has provided information regarding the recent DA PAX panel for those of us unable to attend.

  • Mike Laidlaw said that all presentations were ideas, not promises
  • To adress the criticisms surrounding the inability to change companion armour in Dragon Age II, Laidlaw suggested that different armours may look different for different companions depending on their class, background and personality, in order to allow customization while retaining iconic looks for companions
  • One idea was a possibility that equipment would be more customizable all round, with players perhaps being able to apply different colours or materials such as cloth, leather or mail
  • In regard to choices and their impact, it was suggested that more character agency should be added:
My character has an active effect on his or her world, determined by their choices... I have control over my gameplay experience
  • Imports will be given more attention
  • Recycled environments are out of the window
  • Laidlaw teased that players may go "Somewhere new, somewhere a little more...French."
  • It was mentioned that BioWare is not prepared to mention anything it was not comfortable showing

The panel can be seen in two parts on YouTube: