In addition to the second round of character kits revealed today, David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age franchise has explained on the BioWare Social Network some of the specifics of Inquisition'sdialogue system. A summary of points follows:

  • Similarly to Dragon Age II, dialogue options are picked from paraphrases on a wheel interface, and are written with a voiced protagonist in mind.
  • There is no longer a dominant tone the protagonist will use during "auto-dialogue" segments.
  • There will be less "auto-dialogue" than in Dragon Age II, as it will only be heard when the Inquisitor says something such as "Go on." or "What is that?"
  • The diplomatic, humorous and aggressive tones used by Hawke are gone, replaced by noble, clever and direct. This is an initiative to bridge the gap between the three tones.
  • Similarly to how the "investigate" branch of the dialogue wheel broke off in Dragon Age II, there will now be a branch dealing with "special" dialogue choices or actions to be taken. This is dependent on things such as having a certain companion present, romance options, previous choices etc., and will be greyed out if the requirement is not met in order to show the player the choice they could have made.