Game Fanatics has a podcast with David Gaider in which he discusses The Silent Grove, and gives titbits and trivia regarding the Dragon Age series.


  • Tolkien was David's first exposure to "serious" fantasy, though he was a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan when younger
  • David is a fan of Planscape: Torment, Fallout, and Baldur's Gate, though was not at first a CRPG fan
  • David was a huge "comic geek" and so jumped at the chance to be involved in The Silent Grove
  • David was given largely free reign over The Silent Grove, and decided on the characters as they were ones he liked, and enjoyed writing (he lists Alistair as a particular favourite)
  • While future reference may be made to events in the comic, it primarily exists to flesh out the world for devoted fans, and the events contained within it will not have such an impact that it becomes necessary reading material for all fans
  • Writers at BioWare write the game in chunks, though David helps to coordinate the pieces, keeping the over-arcing story together, an keeping the tone of the tale consistent
  • David lists Alistair, Morrigan and Flemeth as his favourite characters, and also says they are his favourite characters to write
  • Recording with Kate Mulgrew, who voices Flemeth, was an "awesome" experience for David, who says she is a "great lady"
  • Alistair was once envisaged as an older, grizzled veteran who would be distrusting of The Warden. This idea was scrapped as "nobody liked him"
  • Morrigan was once based on Delerium, a character from the Sandman comics
  • When asked whether we would see more of Morrigan, David laughs and says he has to "play his cards close to his chest". He mentions that it is something he would have liked to explore in Dragon Age II, but that it "wasn't on the cards". However, he goes on to say that that there is "no way" that the arc with her and Flemeth is completed
  • David said that he absolutely realises there is a point where the writers must stop posing questions and start answering them
  • David says that it is "very rare" that the fan's desires will take precedence over the plans of the developers