With E3 fast approaching in June, Wikia are offering the chance for admins to submit questions which will then be put to Dragon Age: Inquisition developers at the conference (a previous example of this initiative can be found here). Since I don't have any burning questions myself, I decided I'd open this up to the community. Pitch your questions below and I'll pick three to submit!

Note: There is no guarantee Wikia will be able to ask the questions submitted. Due to time constraints, this will have to be wrapped up by Wednesday, unfortunately.

Edit: Thanks for your questions everybody. The ones picked (with ever so slightly modified wording) were:

1. Will the game's antagonist be a large presence in the game? Will the Inquisitor be able to interact with them fairly often?

2. Mark Darrah mentioned there would be multiple endings to the game, will these be presented as a slide show as in Origins or a cut scene like DA II?

3. Will specialisations be learned through companions or unlocked in a different way?