Don't hate me for the title...

Gameinformer have revealed their September issue will feature Dragon Age: Inquisition on the cover (which shows Varric and Cassandra fighting what appears to be a High Dragon). A video can also be viewed here in which BioWare discusses its plans and hopes for Inquisition, as well a sneak peek as some pre-alpha footage of the game (which, among other things, appears to show mounts).

In addition to this, other new features of the game were confirmed on the BioWare Social Network and via the digital version of Gameinformer:

  • Contrary to previous statements, players will indeed be able to choose from a variety of playable races for the single player campaign (this change occurred as a result of the time extension the game has received). An image of the basic models used for the races can be viewed here: elf male, elf female, dwarf male, dwarf female, human male, human female.
  • The above feature has replaced plans for non-playable origins, though there is "slightly more nuance" to the change, and its effects will be reactive within the game.
  • Health will no longer automatically regenerate after enemy encounters, requiring more tactical and shrewd gameplay.
  • As explained in the above video, the Inquisitor is not a mere footsoldier - they are leading and building an organisation, and as that organisation grows in strength and size, it will begin to earn the respect it deserves.
  • It is also alluded to that there will be more dramatic new gameplay elements. Dragon Age executive producer is quoted as saying, "If you get to a fortress and they don't want to let you in, you can use your Inquisition to lay siege to that fortress."
  • The Inquisition will develop as an organisation much in the same way an individual PC may be expected to progress - acquiring new skills, knowledge, strengths and its own methods of dealing with problems.
  • Gameinformer also revealed three of the companions we will recruit for the Inquisition - Vivienne, an Orlesian mage who was in line to become First Enchanter, but joined the Inquisition to help her fellow mages as best she could in such turbulent times. She is extremely pro-Circle, and finds herself in turmoil when that entire system - and thus, her world - crumbles.
  • In addition to Vivienne, two familiar faces will provide fellowship in the form of Varric and Cassandra.
  • The nature of the Inquisition is said to attract "high caliber" companions, with some of the most skilled and highest ranking people in Thedas flocking under the Inquisitor's banner.