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    I've spent a lot of hours discussing with another Dragon Age nerd friend of mine what the various nations, and/or cultures in Thedas are analogous to the "real world," and I thought I'd share what conclusions to which I have arrived...

    • FERELDAN - Fereldan, I feel, is very clearly an analogy to England. I think Gaider has even commented on this in the past. But for me, the nail in the coffin on this one was Alistair and Leliana's discussion of Fereldan cooking in DA:O. Alistar's recipe for Fereldan lamb stew is a textbook example of stereotypes of English food.
    • ORLAIS - As my friend put it (I wish I had come up with this!): "Orlais is so French that you can practically smell stanky cheese and snails through the screen!"

    From here, it gets les…

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