• Jarnkoldur

    Chant Of Light Podcast

    October 9, 2013 by Jarnkoldur

    The Chant of Light, an audio podcast about the Dragon Age RPG. This show we will go over various aspects of the game and different ways it can be used. We are a bunch of fans expressing our love for the game and would like to share that love with others. Remember just because we do the podcast, we are not the be all end all authority. If that is what you are looking for please visit the Green Ronin website.

    GM Vince

    Vincent is originally from Long Island NY, where he was a former Radio Personality, and now lives in the state of Texas, his voice may sound familiar as he has hosted various podcasts, such as Darker Days, RFI Podcast, Save or Die, D6 Radio and others. His GM’ing style is more on the fly, and enjoys the just roll a D6 Method to s…

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