7. The Darkspawn will not be the main villain- If players sided with the Architect at the end of Awakening then he will attempt to finish his work and release the Darkspawn from the call of the Old Gods. This would prevent further Blights. Also, It would get rather boring having to fight the same enemies over and over again. The Darkspawn are clearly not the only threat in the world of Thedas so I think there will be another evil that our heroes will have to defeat.

6. You will be able to travel to other countries- In Origins you were just restricted to just Fereldan. I think it would be a massive improvement in the sequel if you could travel to other kingdoms like Orlais or the Anderfels.

5.We will finally get to see Weisshaupt Fortress- The headquarters of the Grey Wardens has been alluded to several times in the first game. I hope we will be able to finally see it in Dragon Age 2 whether it's as a ruin or in all of its glory.

4.The Tevinter Imperium will be the main villain - The Tevinter Imperium has so far been only a supporting antagonist in the series. But according to codex pages gathered throughout the game they were once a massive empire. Perhaps the villain will be a Tevinter Blood Mage who seeks to return the Imperium to its former glory.

3. Player's choices will have an even greater impact- As with all of Bioware's games Dragon Age Origins allowed us to choose how to complete quests. I hope in the sequel choices will have an even greater impact. Perhaps you will also be able to resolve unresolved issues from the first game such as the tension between Fereldan and Orlais or the matter of elven slavery. This will affect how the people of Thedas view your character.

2. Morrigan will return- In concept art for the new game there are pictures of a woman who looks surprisingly similar to Morrigan who seems to be able to transform into a dragon. Whether or not this is Morrigan, her mother Flemeth or her Old God Child remains to be seen but I would love to see Morrigan again.

1.You will be able to Import your save game from Origins into the Sequel - While you will not be albe to play as The Warden from Origins I still believe you can import your save games from Origins. This will probably not affect the main story very much but it will hopefully change what side quests are available to the player. It may also affect how people view Hawke depending on what class you choose. Maybe it will even change how people speak of your character from the first game. Will they be viewed as good or evil? A hero or a tyrant? The possibilities are endless. Bioware is very good at preserving continuity between their games and hope they will do the same with Dragon Age 2.

So those are my predictions for Dragon Age 2. Do you guys agree or disagree? Feel free to comment on what this you think will be in the game.