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  • JackfieldsA113

    (NOTE: There will be spoilers in this review so if you havne't played the game yet don't read this review)This is a review for a website I'm part of and I was thinking you guys might want to read it.

    The first Dragon Age game is one of my favorite games of all time. It had a great story, excellent characters, meaningful choices, and tactical combat. So naturally when Dragon Age 2 was announced I was excited. When I finally got the game I found a streamlined, only slightly altered version of its predecessor. It's not as good as the orignal game (For me at least)but ultimately Dragon Age 2 is a very well done addition to the series.

    It’s been many years since the legendary Grey Warden defeated the Archdemon and saved the world from the Blight.…

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  • JackfieldsA113

    Bioware seems to have a tradition of casting Star Trek alumni as voice actors in their games. Star Trek: Voyager actors Kate Mulgrew and Tim Russ played Flemeth and Zathrian respectivly. In addition, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn have made appearences in The Mass Effect series. I even thought I heard Johnathan Frakes' voice while exploring Denerim. If Bioware continues this tradition then which Star Trek actors would YOU like to see in a Bioware game? Personally I would love to see Patrick Stewart in a Dragon Age game. I also would like to see Zachary Quinto or Leonard Nimoy in a game. Write in the comments who you think would be good in a Bioware game.

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  • JackfieldsA113

    7. The Darkspawn will not be the main villain- If players sided with the Architect at the end of Awakening then he will attempt to finish his work and release the Darkspawn from the call of the Old Gods. This would prevent further Blights. Also, It would get rather boring having to fight the same enemies over and over again. The Darkspawn are clearly not the only threat in the world of Thedas so I think there will be another evil that our heroes will have to defeat.

    6. You will be able to travel to other countries- In Origins you were just restricted to just Fereldan. I think it would be a massive improvement in the sequel if you could travel to other kingdoms like Orlais or the Anderfels.

    5.We will finally get to see Weisshaupt Fortress- Th…

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