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Warden's son

Is there anybody there? eager to see the Warden's son with Morrigan? give me some ideas y'all could scoop from your minds. And i really hoped David Gaider would listen to the gamers choice because the reason why Dragon Age became famous is that it could catch the thrill of every gamer,If not,then most who would play it. Now we are here facing the fact that we wont be seeing Morrigan's child for a long time and David Gaider seeems to make it all too exiting for all of us gamers. Great work in D.A.:O. Bioware! and i request to put some more color into it, mix adventure with war for the journey they are to prepare for the son of Morrigan. D.A.2 had a less heroic character than the Warden but that's ok i'll be expecting a good comeback on 3. I also faced some facts that Morrigan could have left the child elsewhere around the continent. Now where would the other gamers like that child to grow up in??? tell me people!!! i'd really like to know what's in everyone's mind

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