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  • Isolationistmagi

    DAIII Concept Art

    October 21, 2012 by Isolationistmagi

    The first glimpses of concept art for DAIII have been posted over on the bsn, and can be found in the following link:

    There are three seperate images: the first perhaps showcasing the new, "more open" style of Origins, while the second shows what appears to be an Elvish/Tevinter ruin while the final is a secluded fortress located in an as of yet unnamed location. While concept art is a hard thing to judge a game by, what can be seen so far seems interesting, to say the least.

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  • Isolationistmagi

    Poetry Fun!

    August 10, 2012 by Isolationistmagi

    An inspiration that struck me when pondering over possible Fenris/Hawke reconciliation scenarios after the shag 'n dump Fenris pulled. Actually quite serious, but it was good fun writing. Enjoy! (Or don't, far from me to tell you what to do.)

    The frigid night
    (a warm fire)
    The free slave
    (a flightless hawk)
    Hanging man
    (hung men)
    Warm glow
    (frigid breeze)
    Gentle touch
    The winged Hawke
    (a chained slave)
    The cool breeze
    (the scalding fire)
    Drying out
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  • Isolationistmagi

    Sorry about being so late, but it took me a very long time to get this portion written. I'll also simply be linking to the chapters from now on, as it seemed a little redundant to both post them here and put them on ff.n. I will create posts when I've completed chapters though.

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  • Isolationistmagi

    Sarah was blissfully lolling on the bed in her cabin, beautifully humming a tune she had heard long ago, but could never remember where. The room was very dark, but she did not mind such a triviality overmuch. Light was at her fingertips if she but desired it for even the briefest of moments. It was a benefit of being a mage. Though precarious, she fully enjoyed the entirety of her position. Her curiosity was like that of a child's, insatiable about the things on the ship. Next to that ruffians, flirtatious crew members, even the Templars were irrelevant. The only thing she really, truly, dreaded was that the ship should sink, as she hadn't the faintest idea at all how to swim. This notion naturally calls into question why she would flee t…

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  • Isolationistmagi

    It's been a while, but I finally completed the next part of the story.

    Mahariel leaned over the ships railing with the air of one whose heart was knelt down to pray. She watched the waters of the ocean gently licking and caressing the sides of the ship. She felt the methodical up and down, rise and fall motion of the ship, much the same as she had felt it the previous eight days. It was dawn, and the red yellow orange glow of the sun sparkled on more distant waves, but her head was inclined at too steep an angle to see them. From her point in space, land was an imaginary concept, as there was no land present to prove it otherwise. The water was too opaque to see fish in it.

    Mahariel reached beneath the folds of the cloak and withdrew from it…

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