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August 17, 2011
  • I live in a caboose
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Certified Toast Eater
  • I am disappoint
  • Ishimura Elite

    Orlesian Murder Mystery

    September 27, 2011 by Ishimura Elite

    (A blood stained note found in the hands of a corpse)

    At the request of my unbelievably kind superiors who just might decapitate me if this story doesn't convince them, I am reporting on why the Orlesian noble I was supposed to kill is still alive and well. I am not much for pretty stories, but this is a short one, so I guess I've nothing to worry about.

    The contacts my superiors sent me to didn't give me much information about the man, but they knew they didn't need to. I had way of sniffing about and getting information about any target. Where they were going to be, what time, what occasion . . . It didn't matter to me why they had to die. It wasn't my place to ask questions. Even though I was a more skilled assassin than anyone in the gui…

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  • Ishimura Elite

    Supremely POed

    August 17, 2011 by Ishimura Elite

    Okay, so I;ve done all this stuff in Dragon Age Origins the first time and I get to the last level, then a gamekiller glitch happens and I have to start a new game. On that one a gamekiller happens when I'm defending Redcliffe against the undead. About 4 gamekiller glitches later I'm getting really really POed to the point that I just want to destroy every copy of this game ever made. Has anyone else had this experience? And if so do you know wtf is going on??

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