Many of you have certainly wondered what happen to the child of the witch, Morrigan. Players who had the opportunity to play Witch Hunt, the last DLC to Dragon Age: Origins, could have encounter a short dialogue that said that our descendant is doing well but he is far beyond our reach and knows nothing about his destiny. It has immediately posed many questions: Will the child ever appear? Will players' choices be ignored? If you are interested in the future of this matter you can find more information in the extension.

While I won't discuss how the Dark Ritual decision will affect future games, I can say (and have said) that the choice won't be ignored-- it's pretty fundamental. So Morrigan will have a son only if she either romanced a male Warden or if the Dark Ritual was performed... and in only the latter case will that son be the so-called OGB.

Whether how the Dark Ritual affects future games is considered sufficient is a different matter completely. Considering that some people have expressed that the existence of the OGB should be the entire plot around which such a game revolves, it's perhaps unlikely. That kind of expectation can't be helped. Regardless, the choice will neither be ignored nor made into a footnote. - David Gaider