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What with the Darkspawn?

IlidanDA December 3, 2012 User blog:IlidanDA

If you are interested what with the darkspawn and will they play any significant role in the future, I have some new information about that. David Gaider, the lead writer of Dragon Age, explained that darkspawn are still important to Dragon Age universe but they don't want to focus only on them. Right now darkspawn are not so important as in DA:O.

Confusing question. "Are darkspawn still relevant?"

Sure-- to the setting. Not to the storyline we're currently pursuing, although they could by all means become more important again. If someone wants to maintain that they were important to Dragon Age: Origins and thus should remain the primary focus for every title that follows... well, okay, but if that's what we wanted to do we would probably have named the game something else more darkspawn-oriented.


DA was never planned as a single story arc or a trilogy on a single subject-- that was Mass Effect. We've never, ever stated this about DA. In fact, we've said the opposite. If that's what you want anyway, then good on ya... but that's not what we're doing.


Image from: Grey Warden's Haven (Przystań Szarego Strażnika)

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