Dark Horse Comic, the publisher of Dragon Age comic books, released its publishing list for March 2013. Among other comics, we can find the recently announced "Until We Sleep". We can figure out there is 3 issues of the comic this time. The first issue will be published on March 27, 2013. You can find the detailed information in the extension.

DragonAge UntilWeSleep1


David Gaider (W), Alexander Freed (W), Chad Hardin (A), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Anthony Palumbo (Cover)

On sale Mar 27 FC, 32 pages $3.99 Miniseries

Allied with the world’s most feared warrior race—the qunari—the pirate Isabela, and the rogue Varric, King Alistair brings battle royale to the evil mage responsible for his father’s disappearance!

• Story by David Gaider lead writer of the Dragon Age games and novels!

• An essential addition to the Dragon Age canon!

• Perfect entry point into this epic fantasy!