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Some new information about Dragon Age III

IlidanDA February 6, 2013 User blog:IlidanDA

During the Spring Review Day 4 BioWare has showed some interesting information about DA III:

- There will probably be a minion in the game. I don't know if it will be an NPC or some animal.

- A new monster joined the Despair Demon in the Inquisition, the Fear Demon.

- Tactical combat will return.

- According to Chris Priestly, fans will be satisfied with the amount of customization.

- BioWare says that DA III will be "gorgeous". There will be "different areas, environment types, lighting, flora and fauna, scenery, etc." Some big improvements will be easily seen.

- There will me many new places and characters but we will meet some old friends.

- It is possible that dynamic weather like rain or snow will be implemented. As Mark Darrah wrote: "Sweet rocks now can be wet."

- Animations have been changed: they "aren't racist". Whatever that means.

- There were discussion regarding eye blink animations.

- One of the Dragon Age III character will be a challenge for Cosplay fan

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