After General Manager, Aaryn Flynn said that BioWare's Dragon Age III will by influenced by Skyrim, some fans began to worry that when new Dragon Age gets a wast and open world it will by at the cost of a story, which is essential to the games made by BW. Fortunately, Cameron Lee, the producer of DA III: Inquisition, assured everyone that although the game will be vast, this fact will not influence negatively the interesting story.

"Hey everyone,

I've noticed a few people on the BSN seemed concerned DA3 will focus on exploration at the expense of story. I assure you, DA3 is a BioWare game which means a strong, character driven epic story which spans many diverse locations.

Yes, we look at and learn from other games like Skyrim and how their sandbox style evolved to help them over multiple generations of titles. We’re gamers so we look at all sorts of games, recently I’ve looked at; AC3, Dishonored, XCOM, Dragons Dogma, Dark Souls, Kingdoms of Amalur, plus many more, including old school games which show off fundamentals. This doesn’t mean we radically change direction, though all these titles can influence aspects of what or how we create if we think it’s appropriate. This is normal in every studio so don't worry, you’ll get a kickass BioWare story, quests and characters.

Be calm and game on friends".