There is a new rumor circulating the Internet that the work on the third installment of Dragon Age is in progress. In a new post on Bioware blog, the studio's Senior Writer Jennifer Hepler speaks about her work. It was something she said that attracted the attention of readers.

"At the moment, we are at the end of pre-production and beginning of production, so I am bouncing between outlining new stories and starting to write dialogue for the larger plots that are already developed." says Hepler.

Then she adds: "I have certain stories and characters that I am responsible for writing, so I need to keep on top of any other plots that use those characters and make sure they don’t conflict with any intentions for them."

These word momentarily sparked the theory, that it was in fact Dragon Age III that Hepler talked about. Dragon Age fans, however, do not believe in this rumor and say that it was probably add-on to Star Wars: The Old Republic that Jennifer had in mind.

What do you think? Is it a good time to announce a new game?