It is surely a tradition that fans pour waves of questions onto developers. This time one of the fans asked about race options. (The information that Dragon Age II allows players to play only as a human left many of the fans displeased as they were attached to their characters). David Gaider's answer will surely interest those who like elves, dwarfs, and other races. If you want to know more read :

"While we haven't yet discussed the inclusion of player race options, I will point out that if the assumption is that race options are primarily limited by VO that's incorrect. It plays a part, certainly, particularly with the already-established accents, but the difficulty with player races primarily relates to the amount of model variations required and to cinematics (height differences between the races).

None of these are impossible to overcome, provided we believe the expense is worth the pay-off. Obviously there are those among you who feel this is so (and since the expense is the same for you, it must seem like a no-brainer from your side of things), so we'll see".

As far as the expense being worth the pay-off, you already know that this is your story to tell. That's the pay-off. Of course we love options, options, options - we're RPG fans. But if you have a story to tell that wouldn't be served by giving us those, we have to believe that it wouldn't be worth it in the end.

But we also know that the real star of the show is Thedas, and Thedas isn't comprised of only notable humans. Having a human protagonist in DAII is one thing - being stuck with them forever is completely another. I hope you feel kind of proud that we love your elves, dwarves, and kossith so much.

"Yes-- if we didn't end up going with additional player race options in the next installment, I doubt that should be taken as "we will never have them again". They add a great deal, even to the people who don't play them (I think the idea of alternatives has intrinsic value by virtue of their existence). I don't know if I buy the argument that they're required for an RPG, but at least in terms of the comparison to DAO I think part of the reaction from some fans is that they felt a lot of options were "taken away" without getting enough to replace what was lost. It's an emotional perspective, sure, since features don't belong to anyone and are assigned to a project on a case-by-case basis, but emotions don't need to be validated that way. They exist whether we like them or not.

I don't think being "stuck" as a human is overly limiting, so long as we get some additional options for players to tinker with (as y'all do like to tinker), but having additional races again would be awesome. No question. Who doesn't like additional options?"

He wrote that there are some chances that the race options will return. We do not know however, if it concerns Dragon Age III or later parts of the game.