Green Ronin have released a Dragon Age dice image and shared a new plans for DA RPG. Set 3 and more PDF coming soon:

The Player's Guide is heading into layout. When it's finished, we're going to release it as a PDF ahead of the full set, which is slightly unusual but warranted in this case because I know people are beyond eager for this material. When the Game Master's Guide is finished a few weeks later, we'll release the full set and put it up for pre-order. Printer willing, we should have the finished sets towards the end of March.


That same month we've also got a fun surprise: Dragon Age dice! We've partnered up with Q Workshop, whose awesome dice are almost certainly known to you. Each box of dice will come with two full sets for the RPG. That's six dice total, four with the Circle and Templar emblems on them and two with the Grey Warden emblem and the Blood Dragon (the "Dragon Die" for the RPG).

While I am putting Set 3 to bed, Jack Norris is busy with a lot more support. He's developing the adventures from The Deep Roads adventure anthology right now. We'll be releasing the adventures individually as PDFs as we finish them and then collecting them up later this year for a print release. As previously discussed, we'll also be doing two other PDF series, Faces of Thedas and Encounters in Thedas.

Chris Pramas

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