Although BioWare and DarkHorse panel was mainly focused on Mass Effect universe, some Dragon Age information had to be revealed as well. Thanks to editors of Newsarama we know some new details about the upcoming comics Dragon Age: Those Who Speak. If you are interested in David Gaider’s writing and you like the new story, I invite you to read more in the extension.

This are new information:

Starting off with Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, which was digital first and recently released in print.

Gaider "When BioWare came to me and asked if I'd like to write a Dragon Age adventure I said hell yes. Then they asked if I'd use the characters from the games and I said hell yes"

"Taking Alistair, Varric, and Isabela, some of my favorites from both games, and slapping them together was pretty fun!"

Now Dragon Age: Those Who Speak, again featuring Alistair is coming later this summer

Marshall "Again they'll travel to locations you've heard about in the game but have never actually seen"

Gaider "Yeah, they're continuing the search from Silent Grove, and this time it will take them to the Tevinter Imperium!"

The series will not just show Tevinter for the first time, but also introduce some new characters - heroes AND villains.

The second series will feature all three of those core characters, but be a very pivotal story for Isabela in particular.

Gaider "There will be three series total in this initial arc. The first focused on Alistair, this one on Isabela and will tell a bit about how she became a pirate"

Sten from Dragon Age: Origins will also be making an appearance in "Those Who Speak"

Atkins asked the panel "What do you think is the most satisfying part of bringing these games into comics?"

Gaider "The part I like is that there are some stories that fit better in a novel or a comic. I wouldn't be amiss that your favorite part of the games is the characters. Getting to see them and their story, pick up some threads that the game left unanswered, their history or a dangling plotline. It lets you play with things more fully. it answers those questions but also provides a separate enough adventure."

Gaider, "Yeah, we'd love to put all of this into a game, but we can't do those kinds of individual side stories."

Gaider also said he loves that Sylvia approaches Dragon Age a bit as a fan, both in the game and comics

Atkins, "What's the difference in the writing process?"

Gaider, "The first is that you don't have a player character, which may sound pretty obvious, but it makes the process very different. The other thing is the hard limit of the space. For a game we're talking upwards of a 100 hours, for a novel we're talking hundreds of thousands of words. So having a hard 22 page limit changes the way the story goes. You have to have little arcs instead of one 100 hour arc."

"It's been fun to see the different challenges and advantages of working between games, novels, and comics."

Gaider, "I'm not gonna tell me long crazy story how I started working at BioWare right now.

"I started with BioWare 13 years ago for Baldur's Gate 2.

Dragon Age was my next logical step, then we started looking at the novels and comics and it's beneficial for us having these other stories and getting the actual staff to work on them, fans appreciate that, too. That's how that came to be!"

Gaider, "Sometimes it's hard when you love a character so much and don't want to kill them, but if you don't follow through with their story and they need to die for the story you're doing them a disservice."