I have some good news for those who prefer diplomacy over the violence. Again the BioWare forum is full of discussions that provide us with new information. This time fans asked about alternative options allowing for the quests to be finished without violence. If you are curious what was the Bioware's answer look into the extension:

I'd like more quests with the option to solve them in a non-violent manner. This might be through dialogue, but could also be through using character skills or performing certain actions either during the quest or previously.

Yes, this is actually something we're doing. The use varies-- we don't want the player to unwittingly miss out on a really interesting combat encounter, but so long as the alternative path also has interesting content (or, at least, the player had to do more legwork to get that alternative other than picking a 'skip combat' dialogue option) or the combat isn't important-- and the player is aware that what they're doing will have that result-- it should be possible in some cases. Not everyone considers combat itself a reward, after all.