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Dragon Age III - more travelling and environmental diversity

IlidanDA January 14, 2013 User blog:IlidanDA
Inquisition heraldry DA2

Despite the fact that producers haven't given us any information about their new game yet, there are lots of little pieces of info that we can put together. This time one of the gamers asked whether Dragon Age III's story will take place in only one city or will it occur in a few places.

I have a question concerning DA3, do you intend a more close and city centered story like DA2 or an open bordered like DA:O?

"I can't go into details, but expect more travel and area variety". - Mike Laidlaw

During one of the game parties, Mike showed several shots of Map of Thedas. Based on these shots, it's safe to say we'll visit Nevarra, Orlais, Ferelden and Free Marches. We won't be able to complain about locations recycling for sure ;)

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