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Dragon Age III - What With the Toolset?

IlidanDA November 23, 2012 User blog:IlidanDA

If you like to use toolsets to create game modes, this news is for you. On the official game forum, Allan Schumacher and David Gaider answered the question if BioWare will release the toolset for Dragon Age 3 (Dragon Age II did not have one). If you want to know the answer read the extension.

Because Frosbite 2 engine uses third-party licensed technologies, BioWare needs to workaround the licensed parts or start selling the toolset, what is not an option. The studio needs to prepare the program in such a way so it could be distributed for free. This however, requires a huge amount of work.

It isd not a news that fan-made mods prolongs the game's life. Nevertheless, before the toolset can be created, the game itself needs to be finished.

At the moment, releasing the toolset is not a priority, but the idea also wan't rejected. There is a chance that it will be released If the licensing other major issues be resolved.


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