A new summit is starting soon – I'm talking about Gamescon in Germany. I got an information recently that BioWare will also be there. The studio will be represented by Chris Priestly and Jessica Merizan. They will be in Cologne on August 16-19.

If you're going to go to the event this year event you will have an opportunity to talk about Dragon Age, Mass Effect and BioWare with Chris and Jessica yourself. What do you think the producers will show this time?


"Hi Everyone

Spots for the Community party are now all full, so no more invites this year.

If you will be attending, make sure you follow @bioware, @bioevilchris or @jessicamerizan on Twitter as we'll be tweeting out or locations throughout the convention in the hopes of meeting with our fans. We'll also be doing interviews with fans sites and such while we are there (if you run a fansite and will have people at GC, send me a PM and we'll arrange something), and we're looking at doing some live chats to take advantage of being in the EU timezones for a change.

More details to come".

Chris Priestly