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July 11, 2010
  • IceStar100


    September 20, 2010 by IceStar100

    Did we date at some point? After having been around as long as Ice has he tends to forget. Just so you know Ice isn't human. In this case if it walks like duck, sound like a duck, it's a wolf.

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  • IceStar100

    Found some magic paper.... Ok I stole some magic paper from one of those creepy mages. Tranquil I thing they call them. I overheard a one of those chantry knights talking about it. He was too busy being all I’m better then you elf to notice when I snuck a few coins off him. Shem first they take everything from us. Then gives of so few ways to survive and are amazed when we turn to theft to survive. How many nights have I just wanted to run and join the Dalish. Only thing keeping me here is dad. I don’t just want to leave him. I should not complain too much. I have it better than many of my kind. I was lucky my father has coin enough. I think most of it comes from moms old jobs. Andraste rest her soul and maker curse her killer. She didn’t…

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