So, I came up with some origins stories for DAIII, after mergeing my Idea with Greyclock's.

You can choose five species, Human, Quanari, Dwarf, Elf, or a Darkspawn Discple(Even if you killed the Architect and the Mother, more on that later). Each one has one or more backgrounds, and each share a background as a slave(Greyclocks idea), if the others aren't chosen. Each one has a special attribute bonus, as usual:

Human: +2 to all attributes

Quanri: +3 to Strength, Constitution, Willpower, and +1 to Dexerty

Dwarf: +3 to Magic, +2 to Strength, Constituation, and Dexerty

Elf: +5 to Magic, +3 to Willpower and dexerty, and plus +1 to strength

Disciple(Hurlock): +4 to Strength and Constitution, +2 to Magic, -1 Willpower

I chose the points for attributes because I thought it fit them, Example: The Disciple has newly found intelligence, no matter his background, and thus has a strain on though, and little willpower. However, Darkspawn are powerful creatures, and would tend to ignore pain, and I've found are extremely resillent to magic. Quanri, on the otherhand, would fight in-game, similer to a Darkspawn, but with higher willpower and capability. Humans are familier with all traits, and so are the most balanced.

Get my reason?

Anyway, the origins are like this:

Human:As a human, your story centers around the village the longest out of the other origins, but soon, you are forced to leave(Due to a raging battle between mages, Darkspawn, and Templars), which will be harder for others, and depending on origin, will decide how long you stay, Nobles being forced to stay the longest to defend the people. Mages can only be scavengers.

Human Noble: Once again, you can be a noble. However, the blight destroyed much of your land, and the ongoing Mage war has your back to the wall, with the everlasting feeling of a knife at your throat. Much of the darkspawn have returned to the deap roads, yet you still here of attacks on your caravans, which, coincidently, have yet to return or reach their destination. One thing you might notice, is that by choosing to have certain backgrounds dramaticly changes the tide of the attack, as being a Noble you can have the people support you, and the guards support you.

Your father, the Arl, has died, leaving you to lead the people and protect your lands. The first quests or missions are rousing the people to stay(Given a bonus to trade, i.e more stuff to buy, loot is more valuable), and quelling rebellions.

Before the attack, you can either quell rits or enlighten the people, quelling gains rivalry from your guardsmen, who will survive the battle, enlightening the crowd alows you to tax more, but most of your guards are slaughtered due to them being more soft(Theses are merely examples, it would be far deeper).

Human Scavenger: As the world crumbled before you and your family, you decided to leave, settig off to live off the lands in evernearing danger. You constantly go without food, and here rumors from passing travellers that mages and darkspawn have began to ravage the land.

You sleep little, as screams keep you up at night, and finally, you travel to a large village once by the arl of the lands with your family(If they came), and, if your family is with you, your sister is kidnapped by bandits, which gives an optional quest, but you are given a timeline to do this, set by missions, failing to do the quest after four missions and her body is found at the door of your new house. Doing it right away, and she is fine. After one mission she is raped and found beat up in the bandit hideout, third you find her dead.

Human Begger: You beg for money during the day, or listen to stories of talking darkspawn told by the passing traveler, but you laugh at them like you did two years ago about the same stories.

But at night, you rob houses, either bullying your way in or sneaking in after the owners go to bed, you never take much, in fear of being caught, but you could care less, your more then capable beating down a few surfs. Most quests begin this way at first for the begger.

Templar: You are a warrior, and one of the last true templars in Thedas, tracking down mages and killing them. You are led to a village that supposedly thrives in these miserable times(Merely a rumor), but when you arrive, you discover beasts of all kinds live here, and that the arl died, and his heir murdered by quanri(Disrespected the Qun), or bandits. The bandits kill him if you failed to talk down some qunari(or kill them) enraged at the arl. However, If the bandits kill him the city falls easier, but if the followers of the qun do, the upcoming battle is slightly easier.

Kossith: As a Kossith, commonly known as a Quanari or Tal-Vashoth, you are trying to survive in the new land. Your purpose here greatly depends on your origin, however, and your journey will greatly differ from other origins. One thing I'de like to note, when you create your Kossith, you can haz hornz insteadz of hair...or both!

Sten: As a Sten Commander, you were ordered to kill off Tal-Vosoth mercenaries. As you were hunting them down, your Sarrabas was possessed, and killed everyone but yourself(You will fight in this battle). You now hunt down an abomination, and must still kill the deserters of the Qun.

Your search brings you to a village, under constant onslaught yet upholding a positive atitude among commoners, you know hoever, the nobels are under a lot of heat. Mages cannot have this origin. While there, you can even recruit people to the qun, and give certain Tal-Vashoth a place back in the qun.

This allows you to even take over, but the dismay causes defenses to be weaker, and the city gaurdsmen fall easilly to the mages and demons. Your new followers are literally torn apart, having little training. Some will be far better allies.

Tal-Vashoth: You are fleeing from a group of Quanri, ordered by the Arishok to to hunt down your group. You eventually loose them, and reside in a large village. You eventually start a new life in the town, amzed at how you've been accepted, and how many thugs wish your service.

As a Tal-Vashoth, you can be multiple things, from a blacksmith or merchant(Often having to protect your finery from bandits) or a mercenary for hire. Being a mercenary grants better weapons and armor, but being a merchant and blacksmith gains public opinion and earns more gold.

If you are a mage, some dialouge will change, such as some people merely fleeing(Making some quests undoable, and better public opion for merchants hard to gain), childeren often annoying you or the other Tal-Vashoth not trusting an unbound mage.

Dwarf: As a dwarf, you are or will become an outcast, or surface dwarf. The noble origin will even affect your arrival to the village(After the attack), but being a bard means you were born a surfacer and have lived in the village as long as you can remember.

Dwarven Noble: You begin as a younger noble in a wealthy warrior caste, although stripped of some power in politics. Your family has slowly loosing power, and a cartel hasbeen harrassing you for years. No other caste will help you, stuck deap in poltics and their hatred for your grandfather, a former Paragon who nearly led Orzammar to it's doom.

Eventually you are forced to leave to the surface after killing a child from another caste, who had joined the cartel. You are driven out, and become a surface dwarf, on your travells(A random encounter that's scripted, so not random) you come across refugees, all coming from a village near the Teventer Border. You go there in search of answers.

Bard: As a born surfacer, you have had little but are not poor. You have found yourself stealing and selling out as a thief, all to support your friends, family, and gang leader. You eventually steal from the arls keep, but plans go sour and the gaurds are allerted.

After fighting for hours, you are capturred ad left to die in the keep dungeon, which is when the attack is sprung, and a gaurd allows you to be free.

Commoner: Once again, you can be a commoner. Swept into petty crime and gang violence, you wish to go to the surface, and as far away that you, or a helpful traveler, will take you. You are attacked by mages one night, loosing the dwarf who had wished to assist. The mages are obviously not their self.

Your next stop, merely a mile from a village, is welcomed by more than one talking darkspawn. You haven't seen any form of darkspawn for years, but meeting a group that can fully express their thoughts is far worse then you could've imagined, and you are seperatted from your group, running until you pass out, waking in a hut merely yards from a large village, a village you will hopefully start a new life.

Elf:Elf's will have the most diverse starting point in the game, as a Dalish will never step foot near the village, and an aleinage elf will have past expierence in human towns. You will have more unique missions in the beginning of the game, and many other things of that sort.

First to the Keeper: You are the first, studying under your keeper and nearly smarter then your aging keeper, however, your young, and many of the clan disaprove of you. To prove yourself once and for all, the keeper sends you on a mission into the woods, and bring back knowledge lost from an ancient ruin.

You are sidetracked, however, thinking you saw humans chasing a horse down a path, unaware of the danger they present to you, and your clan. You call out to them(or stay silent), but they keep running after their lost mount. Eventually, you see them stop, dead in their tracks.

In front of them, are hundreds of dead bodies, some rotting, and others fresh, one turns to you as you aproach, blasting you with magic. You are left for dead, thrown into a pile of soft flesh.

After you awake, you race to your clan, only to find smoldering corpses, and what appears to be the two umans, dead, hanging from a tree. You realize something far more sinister is at work, fleeing to the ruins where your quest would have originally taken you.

City Elf: Growing up in kirkwall was hell, especially with the recent disappearnace of the champion. You and your family are planning to leave, to travel to a village in the south, across the sea, where your relatives had lived before the blight.

Once across the ocean you find the village barely accessable, as it has grown larger and larger due to refugees, fleeing quanari, and an army of templars, even a few seekers. The village is in dismay, far from the paradise many claim it to be. It is better then kirkwall, however, as the templars here are far less tolerant of magic, killing any who use it as a tool. They do not have a circle, but they allow some mages to live under their own rule(You will have many visits from templars if your a mage, you can choose to kill them, or fight them, which will spike chaos).

The village is attacked before your truly setteled, mages marching on one side, darkspawn launching from beneath(caugh, Vigil's Keep), and at random places in the village.

You have little influnce here, unlike other origins, and your battle is much harder(Other origins have more gold, armor, an weaponry). You eventually escape, after the mages are bested by templars, who are in turn, eaten by hurlocks.

Discple: You have two choices for Discple origins, either a Commander and one of the original Darkspawn discples created by the Architect, or a new one, either created by the Architect, or, if he died, by Serianni(Possibly with help from Velanna, depending on your choices in Awakening).

Commander: Your journey starts by preparing to attack(You can object to it, but other Discple's will dismiss your cries), and finally attacking as a large horde. You will fight Kossith, Templars, Mages and people of the city, but you ultimately triumpth over them.

When all seems well, you are betrayed by a general, left to die after he reveals his plans to take the army, and destroy everything in his path, and find an Archdemon. He pushes you off the keep wall, thinking you dead, and takes his leave.

You will awaken armorless, stripped of it by other darkspawn. You find rags, covering your body, which block anyone from viewing your face. Comeing across a party of soldiers, they ask if your alright, offering you water and food, and a place among them(Taking off your rags or the heavy armor they give you will result in them killing you, however, as you venture, your helm will be removed, and you can kill your party, or convince them your sane and trustworthty).

You and the party ventures to Orlai, in search of help.

New Born: This path is much different from the other Discple's, as you seak salvation in the company of the people of Thedas. You end up in the village, living in the Aleinage, always covered from head to toe, few knowing your existence as a monster, others unkowing of your darkest secret.

You leave before the full scale attack, but must fight to get out, killing many of your own and human alike. You meet with a caravan, and you take way with them, protecting them from scavengers, demons, and darkspawn. Anytime they camp, you go with the hunting part, which will be some of your quests. Othertimes you protect the camp.

Being a mage as a New Born will grant you nothing but hatred, even when they don't know your a darkspawn. The bias is from never showing your face, some believing you are an insane blood mage or a corpse possessed by a demon(You smell).

Game Mechanics: Much of the gameplay is influenced by both games, mostly origins more "real" combat, and the occasional messy kill, but don't fret, messy kills only work with large traps, bombs, or powerful spells. And maybe, a special skill for a qunari to rip the enemy apart, or a templar to chop off all four limbs, then a stab through the chest(Cake if you understand both references).

Graphics should be improved, having the detail of Origins, and the same or, hopefully, more polygons as DA2, maybe up to Mass Effect's grahics(Hopefully better, it would be cool to see my sword making slashes in my victim). Physics better go up too, it's annoying when I run twenty feet away and the sheild bash still destroys me, and overpower, maybe the first two miss, or the other way around.

The dialouge wheel is gone, but the dialouge system still has voice acting, but will be more like Leliana's song, as it works much better o fully understaand what your saying. If you don't what I mean, I'll use this as an example:

Person: Your Qun is hardly fair, but I see no reason to resist...More of how to resist.

You choose: You try to leave, and I'll hunt you down.

Sten Commander(You): "Even one attempt at resisting, and I'll put my blade through you, ending what the Qun thought was worthy to live as one of my people, but was mistaken."

Or you choose, Perhaps the qun is false, as I have suffered from it too.

Sten Commander: I often wonder, if the Qun is so right, why have no others discovered it without us, and why do I spend nights awake, knowing that the childeren I killed will never forgive me.

Get it, Got it.

Anyway, any of the origins are gonna end up in Orlai, and help the seekers, or koin the Wardens. You will choose, as joining the Wardens will still alow you to help the seekers, but making the darkspawn a parody, not the mages. Either chosen will have huge effects on the game, as certain cities are attacked by certain enemies. You must also remember, what I dicribed is the first act for an origin, but in game would be FAR more detailed and complex, and longer.

Armor: I wpuld love the ability to have the ability to color and add designs(Stripes, dots, bear paw) to armor, and you could even determine how strong armor is when you have it made, kinda like Vigelence, but this would work with any armor, and would always just say, for example, Heavy Plate Armor, but have prefernces.

Another thing to go with the armor is to have perment runes crafted into the armor, and still have three slots, the runes becoming preferences. I would also like to see Heavy Plate Armor with the left pouldron being the same as the right, with both designs.

If you don't get it, just say so.

But I guess, there you go.