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  • My occupation is Fighting at a Club(Boxing, Wrestling, Free Style)
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    DAIII(Please Read)

    August 17, 2011 by Hunter Zealot

    So, I came up with some origins stories for DAIII, after mergeing my Idea with Greyclock's.

    You can choose five species, Human, Quanari, Dwarf, Elf, or a Darkspawn Discple(Even if you killed the Architect and the Mother, more on that later). Each one has one or more backgrounds, and each share a background as a slave(Greyclocks idea), if the others aren't chosen. Each one has a special attribute bonus, as usual:

    Human: +2 to all attributes

    Quanri: +3 to Strength, Constitution, Willpower, and +1 to Dexerty

    Dwarf: +3 to Magic, +2 to Strength, Constituation, and Dexerty

    Elf: +5 to Magic, +3 to Willpower and dexerty, and plus +1 to strength

    Disciple(Hurlock): +4 to Strength and Constitution, +2 to Magic, -1 Willpower

    I chose the points for attributeā€¦

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  • Hunter Zealot

    I've Joined

    August 15, 2011 by Hunter Zealot

    I've joined the haters of DA2. Or any Dragon Age media outside of Origins and the two novels. I just replayed the game and all DLC, and have come to the conclusion:

    I want hate cake, not bitchy supposedly fun DA2 cake.

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