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Feeling Nostalgic

It's been a long while and last time I was here the look was the old look and just finished cleaning up and beautifying. Now to conform to the new look I noticed are for some articles clean up and conform posts to pages I did work on before (Spells_(Origins), Gifts_(Origins) for example). I am on a Origins/Awakening re-run through and might as well do some clean ups and adjustments. But I was wondering besides the Dragon Age Wiki:Manual of Style if there was any other wishes or intentions the admins had? Or if they like some samples?

Lemme know I am very out of wikia shape.

Pages I am looking into (in progress of populating):

Spells_(Origins) - adjust tag (posted in talk)
Gifts_(Origins) - adjust tag (posted in talk)
Locket - may have incorrect info (posted in talk)
Injuries - remove table 2 column table really necessary? would a list be suffice? and expand on the actual injury penalties.
Specializations - over sized icons/table needed? adjustment or change. (done)
Arcane Warrior, Arcane Warrior - Surgical Room - For a long while now I feel a lot of combat mechanics and play style information was just not right: some information is valid, others too opinionated (which I disagree on, to an extent), and some info just goes on and could be cleaned up. (done)
Shapeshifter - over information on strategies? clean up and/or remove opinion based info?(done)

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