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    December 12, 2011 by Hollowness

    More class specific talents can be found on their respective specialization pages.

    Class talents accessible to specializations.





    Legionnaire Scout*


    *Only available in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

    Class talents accessible to specializations.






    Spirit Warrior*

    *Only available in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

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    Class spells made accessible to all mages and their specializations.

    Primal spells allow mages to harness the elements to deal damage to enemies and protect themselves.

    Creation spells allow mages to heal and boost their allies, as well as render certain foes harmless.

    Spells from the Spirit school allow one to enhance weapons, protect allies, and damage the very spirit of an enemy.

    Entropy spells are all about crippling and damaging foes.

    Class spells accessible to specializations.

    *Power of Blood spells are only available through the downloadable content Warden's Keep, by drinking the Alchemical Concoction. They focus on using the power of the mage's own blood to generate effects.

    Class spells made accessible to all mages and their specializati…

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    Good Points Opinion Based or generally may want to be removed My notes and some compiled info

    When the caster assumes a new form his strength, dexterity and constitution attributes are replaced by those of his chosen forms, which in turn are determined by his total spellpower. If any of the caster's attributes were originally higher than those of his chosen forms these will be left unchanged. Bonuses from items that improve any of the mage's attributes (including bonuses to armor, armor penetration, defense, damage and others) are calculated after changing forms.

    • Arcane Warrior: While Arcane Warrior trumps Shapeshifter in general melee combat, access to skills like Overwhelm and the different form bonuses/immunities makes Arcane Warrior a viable …

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    Good Points Opinion Based or generally may want to be removed My notes and some compiled info

    In all cases having an Arcane Warrior in your group gives you a lot of added flexibility, and removes to a certain extent the need to have a second warrior character with you for the purposes of soaking damage when fighting large groups of enemies. The key to Arcane Warrior mechanics lies in two trade offs, one defensive between armor and fatigue, the other offensive between sword or staff, and mana managing.

    This is the general overview of the mechanics and theme and I think can be complied with some the the information below.

    For the first, having the ability to wear the armor, which you acquire as soon as you get the Combat Magic ability, does not remove t…

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    Feeling Nostalgic

    August 27, 2011 by Hollowness

    It's been a long while and last time I was here the look was the old look and just finished cleaning up and beautifying. Now to conform to the new look I noticed are for some articles clean up and conform posts to pages I did work on before (Spells_(Origins), Gifts_(Origins) for example). I am on a Origins/Awakening re-run through and might as well do some clean ups and adjustments. But I was wondering besides the Dragon Age Wiki:Manual of Style if there was any other wishes or intentions the admins had? Or if they like some samples?

    Lemme know I am very out of wikia shape.

    Pages I am looking into (in progress of populating):

    Spells_(Origins) - adjust tag (posted in talk) Gifts_(Origins) - adjust tag (posted in talk) Locket - may have incor…

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