This is my cannonical playthrough of DAO. Please read it and tell me what you think of it. For the full version of both DAO and DA2, check my user page on January the 5th, because then I will write my DA2 playthrough. So enough talk, read it and tell me what you think:

Theron Mahariel, was a warrior, a berserker and a reaver specialized in two handed fighting, born in the Dalish Clan of Mahariel. His rage was simply growing in his heart until it became a beast that could be contained no longer, especially after the Battle of Ostagar. With time the beast was growing in power. He slaughtered innocent humans, calling it revenge for the horrors humanity commited against the Elves. He also kills City Elves calling them no better than the "shemlen". He also says that his rage comes from the knowledge that humans tortured elves, who are, in his opinion far more superior then any other race.

As he arrived in Redcliffe he immediately began his reign of terror,blackmailing people to join the militia, and even killing them because of "cowardice". But then he unexpectedly helped a poor blacksmith to find his daughter. The blacksmith was overjoyed with the news that his daughter was alive. He executed Jowan without even paying attention to Jowan's plea. After that he brutally knocked Isolde down, and disembowled her son.

Ironically he saved the Ashes of Andraste, after seeing Shartan in the Hall of the Spirits. The woman whose religion caused so much pain to his people, was in his grasp. And even better he supported Genetivi's idea of sharing the discovery with others.

Then after healing Eamon and recieving the title of Champion of Redcliffe, he arrived at the Brecillian Forest. He began helping the elves against the werewolves believing that both sides could join forces. Before venturing into the Lair, he asked Zathrian is there anything he should know about the conflict. Zathrian replied that there is nothing to know except that they are mindless beasts. But there he heard another story, that finally completed the jigsaw. His fire reawakened, because he hates to be lied. He mercilessly slaughtered the Dalish. Realizing what he has done, he had no other choice than to ally with the werewolves.

With his rage re-awakened he traveled to the Frostback Mountains to resolve the dispute of the Assembly. He joined forces with Bhelen. In his search for a Paragon in the cavernous deeps of the once, marvelous dwarven empire, he found Branka. He soon found out that they think alike and joined forces with her to bring down Cairdin and preserve the Anvil of the Void. Later he appoints Bhelen as king and leaves Orzammar forever. This is where his love woth Morrigan culminates.

Once he arrived at Lake Calenhad he joined forces with the mages, finally making out a compromise with the Templars. It is here that, in the nightmares of the Sloth Demon, he found a new purpose and it is here where his rage began to decrease. After resolving the Landsmeet, putting Alistair alone in charge, he killed Loghain by decapitation. With Loghain's death, Theron's rage ceased to exist.

After declining Morrigan's offer, he charged against the Archdemon screaming to Alistair: "Remember me well, for I finally found why I was born! For Duncan! For Ferelden! And for King Alistair!". It were the last words that he spoke. His death was mourned by all of Ferelden. His deeds and his legacy will never be forgotten, nor will he. For he now stands with Garahel. His legend will be passed to generations, enduring the tests of time.