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    I’m one of those people who couldn’t stand Vivienne my first playthrough. On my second playthrough, I considered not recruiting her at all. She’s rude and her side quests add little to her character development or the main storyline. I honestly couldn't find any worth to having her around.

    Players who like Vivienne often report enjoyment of her sass and her mastery of The Game. At first, I really couldn’t see it. Vivienne’s sass drove me up the wall, regardless of whatever insights into her character you gain through party banter. (Did you know she was nearly possessed during her harrowing and that’s why she’s so afraid of Demons and Cole?)

    A master of The Game… how? She joins the Inquisition and then just kind of sits there. I don’t see her…

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  • Heidirs

    Spoiler warning for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Continue at your own risk.

    Possibly the hardest decision in not only Dragon Age: Inquisition, but perhaps the entire Dragon Age series (past and future) or Bioware games in general, is choosing between saving Hawke or the Warden.

    Basically, Hawke and his/her Warden friend join your party as you work to clean up the giant mess the Wardens have made. An arch demon appears, destroys a tower, and the entire party falls to what would certainly have been their deaths had the Inquisitor not been able to open a rift to the fade.

    Thing is, once you are in the fade, it’s hard to get out. And at the end of the line, you have to choose who is going to stay behind and help cover your exit (the game warns that charac…

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