Fat friend
Alright i was away a few days for some sort of concert so no internet but played out today The GOA dlc. At least it had cutscenes and a good story that's true. But let's remember we talk about bioware so we need to look to that standards. Alright i don't say anything about graphs that's the same as DAO. So let's go straight to the point no? First that puzzle or where the more? well at least no hardness in that i think. For true thinkers , like me , I want a challenge. In the fighting part i found that challenge but i want also more outcomes maybe it's me but i really wanted to learn more about the golems, how they are made. And maybe a plan to build another one than shale. Because well it makes it more fun. And it also be more intresting for the replay then. Alright it's not the main game. But at least put some more humor in this dlc. Like what zevran does or alistar or someone else just who you find funny. The boss the harvester quite a handfull when you don't have all the golem plans i think. But with all the plans not quite a hard as i thought it would be. Overall it's a good dlc i think for that price. You get a nice item , You learn a little little bit more about golems, Fun fights , a hard puzzle for retards >.< , A lack of humor , Outworked chars at leats more then lelianna's song. well that was it. It was fun but no replay for me. Say in comments what you think of the dlc or this little review ^^. Catch you later.

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