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August 9, 2010
  • Giranta

    Finally it is here

    August 15, 2010 by Giranta

    Alright i was away a few days for some sort of concert so no internet but played out today The GOA dlc. At least it had cutscenes and a good story that's true. But let's remember we talk about bioware so we need to look to that standards. Alright i don't say anything about graphs that's the same as DAO. So let's go straight to the point no? First that puzzle or where the more? well at least no hardness in that i think. For true thinkers , like me , I want a challenge. In the fighting part i found that challenge but i want also more outcomes maybe it's me but i really wanted to learn more about the golems, how they are made. And maybe a plan to build another one than shale. Because well it makes it more fun. And it also be more intresting f…

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  • Giranta

    That i simply forgot to download to dlc , sucks at bit wanted to play it. But i have some more things to say then that old talk like oeh shiny or yhea i like that or no i don't like that. But i'm impressed of how full this site is of information. And that there a so many nice people here weel respect to all you nice people ^^. I also was playing to day and damn i found an easter egg it was first kinda annoying but then so funny xD. It's in redcliff when you save the castle of those zombie things , yhea i can walk and i'm dead thing you know. when i entered the castle in the cutscene that bann teagan was dancing. there have set the song numa numa he draco stanite or somthing what calls like that. And made a remix on it. Just so fucking funn…

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  • Giranta

    Well here i am

    August 9, 2010 by Giranta

    Well this is the first day on wikia just found i could join , for a few days i gonna hold by a blog . Yhea i know it could be boring or at least something like that. But I really look forward to the new dlc with that golem stuff it's just something i wanted to learn more of so my opinion comes tomorrow or the day after. yhe i buy these things pretty fast and i have all of them . lots of money ^^. But See you again

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